Torrey Meat Mincing Machines

The Torrey Meat Mincing Machines are designed and constructed especially for butchers. Both machines have high quality stainless steel bodies which are highly corrosion resistant and extremely easy to clean allowing the mincers to have hygienic operation whilst maintaining a professional presentation. They also both have a removable cast iron head, ring and worm. Both models come with a four-bladed knife, 5mm plate and a plunger. Maintenance is kept to a minimum due to the powerful oil bathed gear transmission of the mincer meaning there is no requirement for drive belts or pulleys that would eventually need replacing.

The LLKM12HD is ideal for use in small butchers shops or restaurants with limited working area. It is comparable in size and power to some 22 size meat mincers and the feed pan is larger than most 12 size mincers are equipped with.

The LLKM22HD is probably the largest 22 size mincer on the market today and is larger than many 32 sized mincers, making it ideal for busy butchers that require a large feed pan with a wide throat size to match. The large throat size allows larger pieces to fit in, saving the user time on having to cut the meat into small pieces in order to fit. It features a powerful motor and combined with its high capacity head the mincer holds bigger pieces in the grinding system.


Model Dimensions Weight Production Rate Loading
LLKM12HD 330w x 578d x 435h 36kg 198kg/hr 220V – 50Hz – 2HP
LLKM22HD 420w x 750d x 620h 60kg 300kg/hr 220V – 50Hz – 2HP

Torrey Meat Mincing Machines Specs


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