Da Vinci

The Da Vinci is LLK’s fantastic range of Italian wood fired pizza ovens. The Da Vinci is available in various deck sizes according to the user’s requirements.

There’s nothing more authentically Italian than a wood fired pizza, is there? The Da Vinci oven offers this authenticity with a modern twist! Using all of the latest materials for their heat retaining qualities, yet still offering a traditional cooking experience, the Da Vinci is the perfect choice for any pizza establishment!

Lovingly developed over 10 years, our range of wood-fired and living flame ovens feature the latest technology and innovation, inspired by traditional techniques. Our innovative manufacturers possess extensive knowledge and experience and are experts in their field.

Our clever electronic control panel can notify you when your pizzas are cooked to perfection, as well as letting you know if your oven changes in temperature, prompting you to add more wood accordingly.

The fully assembled Da Vinci oven has an 8cm thick stone cooking floor which retains heat and produces an even consistent bake, making it the perfect choice for our ovens. As our unassembled ovens are supplied with 6cm individual bricks, in the event that the operator causes damage to part of the base, these tiles are easily replaceable.

The Da Vinci’s core is manufactured from super high alumina refractory concrete, ensuring thermal stability. The dome shape hugs the tiles inside of the oven allowing no heat to escape through the gaps. The dome itself is aerodynamically designed to avoid suffocation of the flame, offering a ceiling height of 440mm which delivers significant energy savings as a result of its huge thermal resistance.

The ovens come with a standard metallic cover finish, a dome finish is available which can be either painted or tiled to suit the customers’ requirements (POA). A floor stand is included with the oven.

All of our ovens can be delivered assembled or in kit form to be built onsite. In kit form they will fit through a standard door opening of 70cm so there is no need for crane and removal of windows etc.

The Da Vinci ovens are supplied complete with 10 years’ warranty on the oven.

For establishments who prefer a more contemporary finish on their oven, we offer a stunning copper coloured outer casing as an optional extra on the Da Vinci ovens.

All our Da Vinci models are exempt from the provisions of section 21 of the clean air act 1993. 

Model External Dimensions Cooking Area Oven Mouth Dimensions Max Power (kw) Cooking Capacity –  10″ Pizzas Cooking Capacity –  12″ Pizzas
LLKDV3 1150(w) x 1220(d) 850 ø 460(w) x 280(h) 18 5 3
LLKDV5 1450(w) x 1550(d) 1000 ø 580(w) x 280(h) 21 8 5
LLKDV7 1500(w) x 1650(d) 1150 ø 580(w) x 280(h) 24 10 7
LLKDV9 1800(w) x 1950(d) 1450 ø 580(w) x 280(h) 28 16 9
LLKDV3 2000(w) x 2200(d) 1650 ø 580(w) x 280(h) 32 21 13
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