Cuppone Tiepolo Oven

This fabulous new addition to the Cuppone pizza oven range was brought in to plug a gap between the entry level and mid-range ovens and is perfect for takeaways, restaurants and gastropubs. Our entry level Cuppone Tiziano oven does not offer the upgraded technology that this new Tiepolo offers.

This fantastic oven has a control panel that allows control of the elements. The power setting for the elements ensures that the oven temperature is held no matter how full the oven is. The products will not burn if there is only one item and it will not take a long time to cook if the oven is fully loaded.

If the oven is left idle during quiet times it will not use unnecessary energy to keep the oven at optimum temperature but will be ready to produce a perfect result if the establishment becomes busy during peak times.

We have the option of a fully functioning extraction hood with motor to take all of the fumes and grease out of the cooking chamber. The hood needs to be extracted either out of the building or into an extraction system.

The main features of the Cuppone Tiepolo ovens are:

1. Stainless steel front

2. Door with panoramic glass window

3. Safety thermostat

4. Chamber lighting through a 12V halogen bulb

5. Separate extraction hood

6. Refractory bricks in cordierite

7. Independently controlled top and bottom heating elements on each deck

8. Mechanical control system with the ability to set the temperature of the chamber and the power of the two groups of heating elements (top and bottom) in a differentiated manner at minimum or maximum

9. Chamber pyrometer temperature control

All models can be supplied with a stand (with or without castors) and a hood (with motor, with five speeds).


Model Dimensions Oven Dimensions Pizza Capacity Gross Weight Loading
Single Deck
LLKTP6351 1020w x 1280d x 406h 720w x 1080d x 145h 6 x (12”) in pans 133kg 7.8kW Single or 3 phase
LLKTP6351L 1380w x 920d x 406h 1080w x 720d x 145h 6 x  (12”) in pans 145kg 7.9kW Single or 3 phase
LLKTP9351 1380w x 1280d x 406h 1080w x 1080d x 145h 9 x (12”) in pans 171kg 11.7kW Single or 3 phase
Twin Deck
LLKTP6352 1020w x 1280d x 732h 720w x 1080d x 145h 12 x (12”) in pans 231kg 15.6kW Single or 3 phase
LLKTP6352L 1380w x 920d x 732h 1080w x 720d x 145h 12 x (12”) in pans 247kg 15.8kW Single or 3 phase
LLKTP9352 1380w x 1280d x 732h 1080w x 1080d x 145h 18 x (12”) in pans 301kg 23.4kW Single or 3 phase

Stands: (Delivery charge will apply if ordered separate to the oven)

Model Dimensions Net Weight
Single Deck
STP6351 1020w x 1220d x 1100h 58kg
STP6351L 1380w x 860d x 1100h 56kg
STP9351 1380w x 1220d x 1100h 70kg
Twin Deck
STP6352 1020w x 1220d x 900h 56kg
STP6352L 1380w x 860d x 900h 54kg
STP9352 1380w x 1220d x 900h 68kg

Hoods: (Delivery charge will apply if ordered separate to the oven)

Model Dimensions Net Weight Loading Capacity
HTP635 1120w x 1524d x 362h 63kg 0.13kW – 13Amp plug 700 m3/hr
HTP635L 1380w x 1164d 362h 66kg 0.13kW – 13Amp plug 700 m3/hr
HTP935 1380w x 1524d x 362h 74kg 0.13kW – 13Amp plug 700 m3/hr

Tiepolo Specs    Tiepolo Parts Diagram


6 reviews for Cuppone Tiepolo Oven

  1. Reviews

    Tony, Owner of Chapel Pizza Company

    On average, we sell around 300 pizzas per night and it’s all thanks to our Cuppone pizza oven. Before we started, I conducted some research and tested the market to find the best pizza oven. After multiple recommendations, I chose the Cuppone Tiepolo and I definitely made the right choice. The Tiepolo oven cooks my pizzas in around 1 ½ minutes quicker than my old pizza oven and the quality of the pizzas themselves have vastly improved. My new Cuppone Tiepolo pizza oven is sleek, impressive and professional. It’s the best bit of kit I have and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make authentic Italian pizza”.

  2. Reviews

    Tony Donaghy, Key Accounts Manager at Vision Commercial Kitchens

    “Cuppone Ovens extremely reliable, competitively priced but above all provide a consistently great product. I have found over the years that there aren’t many pizza ovens that will cook the dough thoroughly enough without having to overcook them, this is where the Cuppone ovens win. They cook the toppings really evenly and produce a really light crispy base and it’s really simple to maintain the quality even if the customer has had little or even no experience. The Tiepolo is a great ovens and we look forward to providing many more into the smaller pub privately owned groups”.

  3. Reviews

    Francesco , F1 Takeaway
    ” I had the Cuppone Tiepolo pizza oven up and running on our busiest weekend and it did just what it supposed to – cook good pizza! On Saturday, we sold well over 220 pizza using both decks and I need to say the temperature hardly dropped. Would definitely recommend!”

  4. Reviews

    Antonello, Antonello’s Restaurant, Leyland

    “I am so glad we listened to the recommendations and bought the Cuppone Tiepolo pizza oven. It’s the best piece of kit I have bought and I the pizzas taste amazing. The oven is extremely economical and deal with our extremely busy periods. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it”

  5. Keshio Phillips

    Our Cuppone oven from LLK was good for pizza and baking, it’s also really easy to use. We found it to be sturdy and it is obviously well built, meaning it’s great value for money.
    David – Kiro’s

  6. Keshio Phillips

    Our Cuppone is brilliant; everyone thinks it’s great and easy to use! We decided to get the oven from LLK as they were recommended and the price was very good. All of us at the White Hart would recommend it and rate it 4 out of 5!
    Tim, Owner – The White Hart pub

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