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Once you’ve got the perfect dough mix, the next step to creating the perfect pizza is to get your dough pressed into perfectly uniform pizza bases. Cuppone’s patented Pizza Press was made for this exact purpose.

The Cuppone Pizza Press is a huge time saver when pressing out dough balls for pizza-making. Our patented design is invaluable for pizzerias and restaurants that have a high turnover and will pay for itself in no time by saving you money on a skilled Pizza Chef. You can set exactly what thickness you require then every single pizza base is produced with perfect uniformity according to your settings.

The Cuppone Pizza Press has heated plates and also fully finishes the pizza bases with a layer of starch gel which holds back the gas produced in the natural fermentation of the dough. This produces perfect even cooking and lowered cooking times. Each press is completed in seconds with no skill required and the machine will never tire or take time off for holidays or sickness!

The Cuppone Pizza Presses are constructed from stainless steel and come complete with all safety devices required for international legislation. They come complete with a flour drawer and dough tray and a stand is also available.

There are 5 sizes for you to choose from, ranging from 300mm plates up to 500mm plates. Choose the model according to what size pizzas you want to produce. If you want to make more than one size of pizza base then you should choose the model according to the maximum size that you plan to produce.

See the Cuppone Pizza Press in action:


Model W       D     H Plate Size Net Weight Loading
LLKP30 500   610   770 300mm (12″) 143kg 4.13kW
LLKP35 500   610   770 350mm (14″) 147kg 4.13kW
LLKP40 550   710   845 400mm (16″) 186kg 5.55kW
LLKP45 550   710   845 450mm (18″) 191kg 6.55kW
LLKP50 550   710   845 500mm (20″) 196kg 6.55kW

Available in single or 3 phase supply.

Optional Extras

Model Description  W      D      H
SLLKP* Mobile Stand  555   710   800
AEDT Dough Tray  600   400   75
AEDTL Tray Lid  –       –         –
AEDTD Dough Tray Dolly  –       –         –

Pizza Press Parts Diagram     Pizza Press Specs     Pizza Press CAD Drawing

4 reviews for Cuppone Pizza Presses

  1. Reviews

    Luciano, Deli Conti Food Services

    “The Cuppone Pizza Press has been a valuable purchase for our business. The results that we get from the press are both consistent and reliable producing the perfect pizza bases every day for over two years. Not only this, but it is stylish and very economical to run. I would recommend this product from Linda Lewis Kitchens for anyone in the pizza business.”

  2. Reviews

    Ahmed, Head Pizza Chef, Far Rockaway Shoreditch

    “The Cuppone Pizza Press is ideal for restaurants making a high volume of pizza. It is effective and very easy to use – even for people with little or no experience of pizza making”

  3. Reviews

    Nino Baracella, Peatzza

    “I have a great desire to get everything down to the finest detail correct and one of my biggest issues with restaurants/take-away is lack of consistency. The dough press reproduces the same product time after time regardless of who operates it and with the most basic training anyone can reproduce an absolutely outstanding product. I’m confident that in staff savings alone this equipment will pay for itself in under a year! Pizza after pizza the shape and thickness is perfect the oven then cooks them evenly and easily without the need to move them.

    Aesthetically the equipment is fantastic,well built and innovative in its design but not at the cost of functionality which is foremost. I have no qualms in 100% recommending this machine to anyone serious about a quick turnaround of products without compromising on quality.

    Linda Lewis Kitchens have been courteous and professional at all times and have gone above and beyond to help answer any questions I have on all aspects both before and after purchase of the equipment “

  4. Reviews

    Shushuma Kumar, Naked Naan Company

    “Our whole team love the simplicity of the press and the fact that it creates the perfect bread ready for filling. It’s the Rolls Royce of pizza presses. No matter who is working, all of the staff at Naked Naan can easily make our naan bread in seconds”

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