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The Cuppone Giotto Oven is everything you would expect from a Cuppone Pizza Oven and much, much more. Innovation and technology have once again enabled Cuppone to be the first to reinterpret the needs of a modern Pizza Chef and provide a new tool to make their work easier than ever before.

Superbly elegant, extremely practical and functional, the Cuppone Giotto Oven is the first ever electric oven with a revolving stone base. The Giotto ovens guarantee high productivity and stand comparison with any other type of oven: electric, gas or wood-burning. The results that can be gained from this oven are amazing, we guarantee that once you have found the correct settings to suit your dough you will get perfect results every time.

The Giotto is manufactured to a very high standard, taking every operational and energy efficiency issue into account. Its beautiful appearance and stainless steel construction makes the Giotto seem almost space age


– Delivered tilted upright on wheels which allows it to be easily wheeled through any opening that measures 800w x 2000h. Can arrive on site and be assembled ready for installation within one hour

– Panoramic glass door and internal lights which allow the user to check the progress of their pizzas without opening the door and losing heat

– Stone cooking base which guarantees authentic Italian pizza cooking

– Two rotation speeds, identified by a tortoise and a hare. The tortoise setting takes 30 seconds to do a full revolution and is to make loading and unloading as easy as possible; the hare setting takes just 7 seconds per revolutio and is to be used for cooking the pizzas

– Eight pizzas can be unloaded from the Giotto oven in just twenty seconds; the ultimate in fast food with the best quality

– Can fit into a corner space

– Digital control panel that can be programmed to come on automatically, meaning there is no need for staff to arrive early to turn the oven on.

– The Giotto comes complete with an extraction hood as well as a stand that has storage underneath.

– Supplied with 2 years parts and 1 year labour.

Hand built in Italy to order. Please allow 3-4 working weeks for delivery. 

See the Giotto in action:


Model Dimensions Oven Dimensions Pizza Capacity Gross Weight Loading Hourly Output
LLKGIOTTO/BABY 1310 1410 1670 1100mm Ø 8 x 300mmor7 x 350mmor3 x 500mm 495kg 14.2kW – 3 Phase Only Approx 120 x 12” pizzas
LLKGIOTTO 1610 1710 1670 1400mm Ø 14 x 300mmor10 x 350mmor5 x 500mm 720kg 18.2kW – 3 Phase Only Approx 200 x 12” pizzas

Giotto Quick Guide    Giotto Parts Diagram     Giotto Oven Specs     Giotto CAD Drawing


2 reviews for Cuppone Giotto Oven

  1. Reviews

    Luciano, Deli Conti Food Services

    “The Cuppone Giotto oven produces the best pizzas for us every day for over two years. We get consistent and reliable results every time making it an extremely valuable purchase. It is also economical to run and stylish looking. The service and knowledge from the team at Linda Lewis Kitchens has also been valuable and I have recommended their products and the company to many people in the pizza industry”.

  2. Reviews

    Nino Barcella, Peatzza

    “I for one was sceptical about this product and whether it could create a traditional pizza using, what was to me, new technology. I can say unequivocally that my expectations have been met and significantly surpassed with this oven being one of the best pieces of equipment I’ve ever worked with!

    I have a great desire to get everything down to the finest detail correct and one of my biggest issues with restaurants/take-away is lack of consistency. This Cuppone pizza oven reproduces the same product time after time regardless of who operates it and with the most basic training anyone can reproduce an absolutely outstanding product. I’m confident that in staff savings alone, this equipment will pay for itself in under a year!

    The oven then cooks them evenly and easily without the need to move them around within the oven meaning the door stays closed and importantly heat stays in. If the temperature drops at all the oven responds extremely quickly and gets back up to temperature immediately.
    Aesthetically the oven is fantastic; well built and innovative in its design but not at the cost of functionality which is foremost. Our customers are happy to wait on their product whilst watching the “Tardis” or “time-machine” as it has been described as it is so different from anything people are used to seeing. I have no qualms in 100% recommending this machine to anyone serious about a quick turnaround of products without compromising on quality.

    Linda Lewis Kitchens have been courteous and professional at all times and have gone above and beyond to help answer any questions I have on all aspects both before and after purchase of the equipment “

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