Warehouse and Distribution

LLK have been providing solutions for caterers since we began 10 years ago and our new Warehouse and Distribution option is just another way that we can help you!

Here at LLK we offer flexible storage solutions for you in our warehouse, for any length of time.

We can even assist you with the disconnection and removal of the equipment in and around the Oldham area and the re-connection when you need it.

We offer customers flexible warehousing in our fully manned facility in Oldham with the use of a fork lift truck and drive. We can even assist you with pallet storage!

Do you want to have your own business but don’t want the overheads of the warehouse and warehouse man? Don’t want to get tied into buying or leasing premises and employing warehouse people and having fixed over heads, rent and rates?

LLK can help you by doing all this for you on a flexible as and when basis.

If you are a Catering Equipment Distributor and you are doing a full kitchen scheme and you want to get all the equipment delivered to one place and then taken to site all at once we can manage the receiving and holding of the stock for you in our facility. We offer flexible affordable warehousing.

Call us today on 0161 633 5797 to see how we can help you!