The Path to Perfect Pizza is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

It’s often presumed that making the perfect pizza requires an Italian backdrop and a skilled pizza chef, but Linda Lewis Kitchens – the sole UK distributor of world-renowned Cuppone pizza ovens – is out to prove that the perfect pizza is a simple three steps away for any pizzeria, restaurant or bakery that’s keen to deliver the ultimate in authentic Italian, quality cooking.

The Linda Lewis Kitchens’ range of Cuppone pizza equipment is designed to bring simplicity to the fine art of pizza making, and with the combination of a Dough Mixer, Pizza Press and Pizza Oven, the perfect pizza can be effortlessly created every single time. Purchased as a package or individually, this diverse selection of equipment may be tailored to suit the needs of a wide range of commercial kitchens.

Linda Lewis, founding Partner and Director of Linda Lewis Kitchens comments: “For restaurants looking to refurbish or invest in the very best pizza making products, Cuppone offers all the pizza equipment they will ever need, and at an affordable price. Unlike traditional wood burning stoves, Cuppone pizza equipment is neither expensive nor difficult to maintain, and is extremely energy efficient, offering an affordable alternative without sacrificing the flavour.”

Cuppone Dough Mixer
A Silea Cuppone dough mixer is the first step to creating the perfect pizza – perfectly mixed dough means every single pizza base that goes into the oven will have the exceptional consistency and texture of real Italian pizza. Available in two sizes, the Silea models are easy to use and can mix dough perfectly in just 20 minutes, as well as being an aesthetically stylish addition to any commercial kitchen.

Cuppone Pizza Press
The Cuppone Pizza Press provides the next step in creating the perfect pizza masterpiece – pressing the pizza dough mix into perfectly uniform pizza bases. Cuppone was the first to pioneer and patent the invention of the pizza press, and today the Cuppone Pizza Press is an invaluable resource for pizzerias and restaurants that need to produce a high volume of pizzas in a short space of time. Available in five sizes ranging from 300mm – 500mm plates, the Cuppone Pizza Press enables any thickness to be set for the pizza base, and the layer of starch gel that finishes the pizza bases ensures a perfect texture and reduces cooking time in the oven.

Cuppone Pizza Oven
The key component to creating the perfect pizza is the baking – and baking with one of Cuppone’s state of the art pizza ovens, each boasting a stone base, is the third and final step to capturing the true quality and taste of authentic Italian pizza. This comprehensive range is versatile enough to produce quality jacket potatoes, pasta dishes, chicken wings and much more alongside exceptional pizzas.

The Giotto electric oven is the first ever with a revolving stone base, giving Giotto pizzas their distinctively Italian consistency and flavour. Available in two sizes, this stunning oven is perfect for a front of house position, and its advanced technology means it will cook pizzas in 2-5 minutes and offers auto programming for ease of service. With an hourly output of up to 200 pizzas, the Giotto is perfect for busy pizzarias.

Alternatively, for establishments that wish to bake more than just pizzas, the Tintoretto range of electric ovens from Cuppone is suitable for cooking baked potatoes, pies, scones, cakes and muffins, and is designed to house 600mm x 40mm baking trays. In addition, the corner-shaped Evolution range of Cuppone electric ovens are ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium.

Linda Lewis Kitchens also offer a range of pizza ovens for smaller establishments looking to tap into the lucrative pizza market. The Tiziano pizza oven from Cuppone is ideal for gastro pubs, cafés, and fast food takeaways looking to introduce a time efficient and compact pizza oven that produces consistently quality results.

A range of gas pizza ovens is also available from Cuppone, offering heavy-duty baking for a range of dishes to suit a wide variety of needs.