Ted’s Work Experience Experience at LLK!

This week, LLK have brought in another young student for a work experience placement! They’ve appointed me, Ted Hunt of Saddleworth School, for a hands-on experience with the working world.

Over this last week, I’ve mainly assisted with the marketing department, managing our social media presence to portray both the friendly communal nature of LLK and our wide range of products. This work also included designing a whole host of banners and other promotional material for our brand.

I also helped our resident Italian chef Fabio with cooking up pizza for our dealer demo day! Some of our business partners came to see our range of ovens for themselves, so they could better recommend them to their catering clients. I helped Fabio with demonstrating the capabilities of our product range to these dealers, mainly with preparing the foodstuffs served at the event (Afterwards, I even got to make and take one home!).

In addition, I also got to learn about photography, adjusting camera settings to achieve the perfect mood and style for a shot. This attention to detail is important for our marketing material, which I also organised and published to our social media accounts.

Jenna Lewis, LLK’s Commercial Director, said that “Ted has been a huge help to us here at LLK this week. There’s been no job he didn’t put 100% into and the work he’s done whilst on work experience has always been completed to a very high standard! If he’s ever looking for a career in the pizza industry, we’ll have a desk with his name on it in a heartbeat!”