Will Pilling, Technical Director

Started working at LLK 3 years ago on the business development side of things as my background previous has been in sales. I took a year out from LLK to go away and learn new skills until coming back to train up on the engineering aspect of the business. Will is now the go-to person for all technical advice on our Cuppone products and recently became a qualified Gas Safe Engineer. 

Nickname? Williamo

Perfect Day? Watching the football with a beer.

How would describe yourself? Sarcastic

What is your favourite TV show/ Film? Film, Legend.

Favourite Animal? Dogs

Favourite Food? Bacon Butty

Favourite Drink? Beer

Where do you want to travel but haven’t yet been? Bora Bora

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without? Family

Favourite pizza topping? Salami

Favourite place you’ve visited? Las Vegas