Ross Gibson, Field Sales Representative

I have been part of the industry we all love for 10 years, and before that spent some time in behind the scenes as a ‘fryer operative’.

I am sales director at Pro Foodservice Reps, Linda Lewis’s field sales partner.

Nickname? Gibbo

What does your role involve? We call on distributors, consultants and operators to spread the word on Linda’s wonderful products, assist with specification and application.

Best thing about working at LLK? We have been known to have to test the odd pizza’s, somebody has to!

They also have a super team, and so much enthusiasm for the brand

Loves? The 3 f’s family, food and friends, the order changes regularly.

Can’t live without? Red Wine

Favourite pizza topping? Meat …. Lots of it.

In 3 words? Clumsy Smiling Socializer

Favourite food/cuisine? Thai and a good Steak

Favourite film? Star Wars

Favourite place you’ve visited? Thailand, with Ibiza a close second

Can be found? In the car or at the bar