Natalie White, Dealer Account Manager

Natalie has been in the catering equipment industry for 7 years; working for LLK since the age of 16. She started out as an Office Junior and has since progressed to Dealer Account Manager.

Nickname? Ginge

What does your role involve?  A bit of everything really but mainly purchasing, sales, shipping, & stock control. I get involved in marketing, working alongside Cornerstone Design and Marketing to maintain our social media posts & website content. I also help Linda to make her job easier where I can: planning business trips, arranging meetings, anything she needs me to do really!

Best thing about working at LLK? We have a great team spirit at LLK, everyone works together to achieve our goals and Linda is a fantastic boss!

What is your perfect day? By the pool in the sun

How would you describe yourself?  Giggly

Favourite Drink? Margarita’s

Can’t live without? My cat, Ruby. She’s so cute!

Favourite Pizza Topping? Something spicy

In Three Words? Giggly, Caring, Chilled

Favourite food/cuisine? Mexican food

Favourite TV  Show?  Game of Thrones

Favourite place you’ve visited? The Grand Canyon – wow!

Can be found? In Manchester’s cocktail bars with a margarita in hand