Linda Lewis, Managing Director

Linda started LLK on 2nd January 2006 working on her own and just renting some office space. Her passion was with Cuppone products and she secured supply around April 2006. LLK was appointed sole agency for Cuppone in the UK in 2009.

Linda has been in the industry for around 20 years, starting work at Excel Equipment in Royton running the factory office. She later joined Fields and Pimblett which later became Kitcheneers in 2000 where she gained a greater knowledge of the dealer network before leaving to set up LLK.

Nickname? Mrs. L

What does your role involve? My role is overseeing the running of the business and business development

Best thing about working at LLK? The passion we all have for what we do and the products we sell

Loves? Family and friends

Can’t live without? Trips to Italy

Favourite pizza topping? Diablo

In 3 words? Bonkers, Caring, Eccentric

Favourite food/cuisine? Italian

Favourite film? Pretty Woman

Favourite place you’ve visited? Portofino

Can be found? On a gondola