Carl Lewis, Technical Director

I have been in the building industry (plumbing & heating) from the age of 13 when I worked for a local engineer in my school holidays and Saturdays.

This means I’ve been in it for quite a while. I ran my own company for 28 years and then joined LLK in 2014. My role is to help with any technical problems with the ovens and also to repair any catering equipment and installs. I’m quite an unusual catering engineer because I can install gas pipes, cold water systems, hot water systems, hot water boilers, and heating boilers.

Nickname? Carlos

What does your role involve? Being available for everybody and sorting problems; this leaves me plenty of time because the equipment is very reliable.

Best thing about working at LLK? Working with the team and enjoying the banter (plus the trips to Italy)

Loves? Skiing golf boating mountain biking trips to Italy with Linda & Oscar

Can’t live without? Vino rosso

Favourite pizza topping? Brie with picante salami

In 3 words? Talk too much

Favourite food/cuisine? Italian

Favourite film? Top gun

Favourite place you’ve visited? Can’t decide between heli-skiing in British Columbia, New York, and Portofino in Italy