Andy Piggin, Field Sales Representative

Andy joined the industry in 2003 after graduating in Management and Accountancy, 12 years on he left his role of sales and marketing director to set up PFR with fellow director and friend Ross Gibson, they are now proud to represent LLK in the field.

Nickname? Map Head

What does your role involve? Promoting LLK products to chain operators, consultants and LLK dealers, attending industry events and also working closely with LLK HQ to ensure we maximise every opportunity.

Best thing about working at LLK? The culture at LLK is something that really comes across, the people are passionate about their product, customers and service which is a real asset and a credit to Linda.

Loves? 3 meals a day (FOOD!) / Travel / Sport and Family

Can’t live without? Sleep

Favourite pizza topping? Margerhita (yes it is a topping)

In 3 words? Ambitious, Calm, Thinker

Favourite food/cuisine? Italian

Favourite film? Bore Off, not a film person! If pushed, Stand By Me

Favourite place you’ve visited? The Seychelles

Can be found? Watching sport down the pub or at home with family

Andy Piggin