Summer Shut-Down!

Summer is upon us, and for us at LLK that means one thing… the Italian factory shut-down!
Due to the torrid heat in Italy during August, it is traditional for businesses to close for three weeks, so that the Italian folk can flee the cities and flock to the beaches to enjoy the beautiful weather.

The factories are due to close at the start of August, which means we can only guarantee that orders placed on/before 29th June for anything required before mid-September to guarantee that we can get things out of Cuppone before the shutdown as our last shipment date is the 26th July. Therefore, if our dealers are aware of any orders that may be cropping up during July, August or September we strongly advise you place these orders as soon as possible.

As always, we will try our very best to stock as much equipment as possible, but there is such a vast range of products that we will not be able to stock everything.

If you have anything in the pipeline scheduled to take place from July to early October that is going to involve any of our Italian brands- including our wood-fired and living-flame ovens, please get your order sent into us ASAP to ensure that we can meet your needs.
Send your order by email to or by fax to 0161 624 1554.