Solve your staff shortage problems in your kitchen with LLK!

It’s no secret that the hotel and catering sector has been struggling over the past couple of years with staff shortages industry wide with the demand for talent outdoing the number of candidates seeking work. However, LLK has some solutions which can help keep productivity at a maximum and do away with the need for skilled chefs.

The first of many is the Cubo Dough Divider which is ideal for an efficient and high-output catering environment. This countertop companion generates perfectly proportioned dough, from 20g to 250g. Designed and built in Italy, these machines are made to the highest specifications and in line with all relevant health and safety guidelines, ensuring they are reliable and virtually indestructible. This table top dough divider takes up little space but saves 100’s of hours in labour and can save a caterer up to £10,000, per year, in production costs.

The crafting and hand stretching of dough is a skill, and in a busy kitchen, this can fall to numerous staff members to complete. However, with the Cuppone rounder, you can save valuable hours.

The Cuppone Dough Rounder was recently added to the LLK portfolio to give kitchen operators a compact machine, which can produce perfectly rounded portions of dough every second, therefore giving back precious time to the operative. The user can produce rounded portions of dough from 20g to 300g with the smaller model and up to 1300g with the larger model. All an operator needs to do is change the cones to determine what size dough ball they would like to produce.

The next time-saving machine that LLK has in its product catalogue is its best seller the Cuppone Heated Press.

The heated press radically improves the speed of creating pizzas, naans and other flatbreads, compared to hand stretching and using a dough roller, as it can generate around 400 presses per hour. It has heated plates and finishes the pressed dough with a layer of starch gel, which holds back the gas produced in the natural fermentation of the dough. This layer allows you to cook the pizzas faster & at a lower temperature. Limited training is required on this easy-to-operate machine and could save a restaurant a minimum of £6344 in the first 12 months if it replaces an employee on the minimum wage.

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