Seabass baked in Salt

Baking fish in salt is a method which has been used for hundreds of years and is an amazing way of wowing your guests if you are looking to serve fish and chips with a twist.

Despite seeming like a technically demanding dish this Seabass baked in salt is easy to make and keeps the fish moist and tender. If you do not wish to use Seabass, Black Bream will work equally as well.

For this recipe, we used the Giovanni Revolution Oven in the LLK demonstration kitchen!



1X Seabass, filleted & cleaned.

1-2kg of coarse salt

1 lemon- thinly sliced

Garden Peas



Set your oven temperature to 200°c in our Giovanni model this will take 20 minutes which gives you more than enough time to prepare your fish.

Firstly, wash your Seabass underneath a cold tap, once cleaned fill its belly cavity with thinly sliced pieces of lemon.

Then put a base layer of approx. 2.5cm on the bottom of a roasting dish which is big enough for the fish. Place the fish on top and then cover the fish with another thick layer of salt, smoothing it so it is even.

Once evenly covered, sprinkle a little water over the top of the salt to help it form a crust.

Using a pizza peel (I would recommend a Lily Oven Peel from Linda Lewis Kitchens- model number AL98/33) place the roasting dish in the centre of your oven and leave to bake for 30 mins.

Once a brown crust starts to form on the top of the salt, remove from the oven.

Then break open the salt crust, removing the hard-baked pieces of salt. Once the layer has been removed, peel back the skin from the fish, remove the bones from the fish and transfer to a serving plate.

I served my fish with thick-cut chips and garden peas for an alternative take on the British Classic Fish and Chips!