Cuppone Tiziano Ovens

If you are opening a takeaway and need a great value oven that you can rely on to produce excellent pizzas, then this is the range for you.

In order to meet the growing demand for a pizza oven that would be suitable for the takeaway market at a low price, Cuppone created their economy range of ovens.

These machines started with a very basic design, however true to Cuppone form they soon evolved into the ultra stylish looking Tiziano Oven that we sell today.

The Tiziano Economy Ovens, like the rest of the Cuppone range, come in a wide array of choices to suit all budgets and requirements.

We would strongly advise that you don’t compromise on quality just because you are on a low budget; these ovens will produce exceptional results and if you invest today you will reap the rewards for years to come.

Cuppone Ovens are made in Italy and we have spare parts available from our stocks in the UK in the unlikely event that a problem should arise.

If you plan on cooking pizzas to make a living then you will need an oven that you can rely on for many years to come, from a company who are experts in the field.

– Panoramic glass door and internal lights which allow the user to check the progress of their pizzas without opening the door and losing heat

– Stone cooking base which guarantees authentic Italian pizza cooking

– Both the top and bottom elements are independently controlled

– Manufactured in Italy

– Supplied with 2 years parts & 1 year labour warranty.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what Mark at The Rake Inn had to say about his oven…


Single Deck Specs:

Model Dimensions Oven Dimensions Max Pizza Capacity on Base Max Pizza Capacity in Pans Net Weight Loading
LLKTZ4201 700(W) x 560(D) x 390(H) 420 (W) x 420 (D) x 140 (H) 4×8” 4 x 6” 45kg 2.1kw Single phase, 13 Amp
LLKTZ5201 800 (W) x 660 (D) x 390 (H) 520 (W) x

520 (D) x

140 (H)

4 x 10” 4 x 8” 60 kg 3.8kw Single or 3 phase
LLKTZ6201 900 (W) x 760 (D) x

390 (H)

620 (W) x

620 (D) x

140 (H)

4 x 12” 4x 10” 75kg 4.6kw Single or 3 phase
LLKTZ7201 1000 (W) x 860 (D) x 390 (H) 720 (W) x

720 (D) x

140 (H)

4 x14” 4 X 12” 95kg 5.2kw Single or 3 phase

Twin Deck Specs:

Model Dimensions Oven Dimensions Max Pizza Capacity on Base Max Pizza Capacity in Pans Net Weight Loading
LLKTZ4202 700(W) x 560(D) x 690(H) 420 (W) x 420 (D) x 140 (H) 8×8” 8 x 6” 75kg 4.2kw Single phase or 3 phase
LLKTZ5202 800 (W) x 660 (D) x 690 (H) 520 (W) x

520 (D) x

140 (H)

8 x 10” 8 x 8” 101 kg 7.6kw Single or 3 phase
LLKTZ6202 900 (W) x 760 (D) x

690 (H)

620 (W) x

620 (D) x

140 (H)

4 x 12” 4 x 10” 75kg 9.2kw Single or 3 phase
LLKTZ7202 1000 (W) x 860 (D) x 690 (H) 720 (W) x

720 (D) x

140 (H)

8 x 14” 8 x 12” 158kg 10.4kw Single or 3 phase

Triple Deck Specs: (The Triple Deck Ovens come supplied as a Twin Deck and a Single Deck Oven – no stacking kit is required.)

Model Dimensions Oven Dimensions Max Pizza Capacity on Base Max Pizza Capacity in Pans Net Weight Loading
LLKTZ4203 700(W) x 560(D) x 1080(H) 420 (W) x 420 (D) x 140 (H) 12 x 8” 12 x 6” 120kg 6.3kw Single or 3 phase
LLKTZ5203 800 (W) x 660 (D) x 1080 (H) 520 (W) x

520 (D) x

140 (H)

12 x 10” 12 x 8” 161 kg 11.4kw Single or 3 phase
LLKTZ6203 900 (W) x 760 (D) x

1080 (H)

620 (W) x

620 (D) x

140 (H)

12 x 12” 12 x 10” 201kg 13.8kw Single or 3 phase
LLKTZ7203 1000 (W) x 860 (D) x 1080 (H) 720 (W) x

720 (D) x

140 (H)

12 x 14” 12 x 12” 253kg 15.6kw Single or 3 phase


Stands available – (Delivery charge will apply if ordered separate to the oven)

Tiziano Triple Deck CAD Drawing

Cuppone Tiziano Ovens

23 reviews for Cuppone Tiziano Ovens

  1. Reviews

    Paul, The George and Vulture, London

    “The Cuppone Tiziano is our only oven and we cook absolutely everything in it; from jacket potatoes to pizzas, chicken to nachos and much, much more. There is just one downside; we only have room for one!”

  2. Reviews

    Richard Shannan, Casa Romana, Whitehaven.

    “I use the pizza ovens in my restaurants for everything! I can use it to bake all our bread, slow roasted meats, casserole type dishes, desserts and pasta al forno and I can make sure they’re OK just by looking through the fantastic viewing glass. It really is so much more than just a pizza oven; I couldn’t work in a kitchen without one!”

  3. Reviews

    Mark, Owner & Head Chef at The Rake Inn, Littleborough.

    “I couldn’t praise this oven enough. Over the past 7 years, it hasn’t let me down once. One of its best features is that the oven door is at shoulder height, meaning you do not need to bend down to see what is cooking. I cook my whole menu in this oven, making it so much more than just a pizza oven!”

  4. Reviews

    Frank, Owner at Delivino Restaurant.

    “I’ve been using my Cuppone pizza oven for over 6 weeks now and I find it incredibly easy to use. It’s the first proper pizza oven we’ve had and we now cook everything in it from lasagnas to bread! The best features of the Cuppone Tiziano pizza oven are the control settings. I would definitely recommend this oven to anyone who is thinking of buying one. “

  5. Reviews

    Oliver, Proprietor at Oscar & Rosies

    “This is my first ever pizza oven and to put it simply – it does exactly what I want it to. I went for a Cuppone pizza oven as I’ve only heard good things and I wasn’t let down. My Cuppone Tiziano oven is very easy to use and I can cook my whole menu in it including roasting all of my veg and meat. I would definitely recommend this oven and any product from Linda Lewis Kitchens as the pre and post care from the whole team has been excellent”

  6. Reviews

    Katie Sillars, Eat Balanced
    “We chose a Cuppone pizza oven because we knew we needed a reliable oven that could cope with the high demand. This oven offered good value for a high quality spec. The size is just perfect for the size of our van and the stone bases cook the pizzas perfectly. I would definitely recommend this oven to anyone cooking pizzas – it has never let us down!”

  7. Reviews

    Iona Pub Partnership, Redmonds
    “Compared to other pizza ovens, the Cuppone oven is extremely easy and simple to use. It’s much quicker than the ovens we’ve used in the past and has been a huge contributor to our recent success”.

  8. Reviews

    Sue Flynn, Bury College “Our Cuppone Tiziano pizza oven is a fabulous piece of kit and we cook a range of things in it including many breads! This oven was an ideal choice for us as it’s reliable, meets demand and the stone base cooks the food perfectly.”

  9. Reviews

    Jade Vendone, Ugly Bread Bakery

    “The Cuppone Tiziano works great for us and we cook all of our pizzas and breads in it. My favourite feature is how the oven cleans itself. All we have to do is crank up the temperature and wipe it clean. This is ideal when were are really busy! It’s very easy to use and I would definitely recommend it. With our recent success, we might even be contacting Linda Lewis very soon to buy a bigger oven!”

  10. Keshio Phillips

    I found the commercial oven LLK provided for us very easy to use, all of our staff were happy with it too. We got a Cuppone oven because we needed more space and speed, and we were very happy with the results; we were able to cook ten pizzas in five minutes. We also tried bread in the Cuppone and that too turned out great!
    Tom – Il Rosso

  11. Keshio Phillips

    We found the oven to be really good overall, it’s easy to use and clean, and is easily the best one-purpose oven I have used.
    Franchesco, Head Chef– BP Montrose/Casa Bianca

  12. Keshio Phillips

    The Cuppone is a really good, quick oven, La Bella Vita have already recommended it! It’s so easy to use and everyone here is happy with it. We were able to use it for everything including potatoes, meat, and bread.
    Nazar – La Bella Vita

  13. Keshio Phillips

    The Cuppone oven LLK provided for us is so easy to use, we are really happy with it! We used it for pizza and lasagne which both turned out great. We were drawn to a Cuppone because of their look, but they definitely don’t compromise on functionality, giving us good results and being easy to use.
    Adrian – Mazzo

  14. Keshio Phillips

    The Cuppone looks really nice and has a good reputation, which is why we got one from LLK. What’s great is that it is also easy to use, meaning all of our staff are happy with it!
    Mr Band – Drumstick

  15. Keshio Phillips

    We only used our Cuppone for pizza, but still found it easy to use and even easier to recommend. All our staff like it and rate it 4 out of 5.
    RK Indian Takeaway

  16. Keshio Phillips

    The Cuppone we got from LLK gives nice crispy pizza and all of our staff like using it. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it and highly rate it for cooking pizza, as well as things like pasta and potatoes.
    Stuart, Chef – Hilton Hotel

  17. Keshio Phillips

    We thought the oven was very good and easy to use too! Our staff love it and it was handy for cooking starter dishes as well, as it is hotter than our main oven. Wouldn’t hesitate to rate it 5 out of 5 stars and would easily recommend it to anyone, as well as LLK themselves.
    Chef – Yew Lodge Hotel

  18. Keshio Phillips

    The Cuppone is excellent! We used it for pizzas, as well as roast veg, caramelised onions, and bread too. We would definitely give it 5 out of 5 stars and especially like the LED lights on the oven. It has lived up to its reputation and is absolutely worth the money.
    Seth – Robertsons Restaurant

  19. Keshio Phillips

    Everything about the Cuppone is great. We found it really easy to use and also clean, meaning all of our staff like it! We decided on one because they had good reviews and we wouldn’t hesitate to give it a 4 out of 5 ourselves.
    Chef – Azzurro Restaurant

  20. Keshio Phillips

    We really like our Cuppone oven from LLK and would rate it 4 out of 5. The cooking time is great and you can choose between bottom and top heat really quickly.
    Chef – Safari Zoo

  21. Keshio Phillips

    We like everything about the Cuppone we got from LLK! Everyone loves it and it is super easy to use, we would recommend it to anyone.
    Alla – Two Apples

  22. Keshio Phillips

    This oven is great! We all like it at Kids Complex as it is really easy to clean and use, and it heats up quickly. We also used it for burgers, as well as pizzas and would definitely rate it 5 out of 5. We knew a Cuppone would be great for us and it hasn’t let us down!
    Roddy – Kids Complex

  23. Keshio Phillips

    The Cuppone from LLK is a really good model and is easy to use. Our staff all like it and we would recommend it, as it has a good temperature which makes it a lot easier to achieve great results.
    Eros – Locando Ottoemezo

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