Potato Peelers

The LLK Potato Peelers are constructed from food grade, non-corrosive aluminium alloy castings, with the spindle housing and chute cast integrally, eliminating joints and possible leakage.

There are 2 sizes available: 10lb and 15lb. The LLKVP10 will process 10lb of potatoes in 5 minutes and the LLKVP15 will process 15lb of potatoes in 5 minutes.

The Peelers feature cast-in abrasive serrations on the inside wall of the peeling chamber which dispenses with the need for abrasive coating. This means there is less potato loss during both peeling and boiling and the efficiency of the serrations will last the life of the machine. Also, the rotor plate is coated on both sides with fine grained abrasive for new potatoes on one side and coarse grained for old potatoes on the other, doubling the rotor plate’s life.

These machines comply with all relevant safety standards and are designed for ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Pedestal stands, waste kits and sink skips can be bought as separate.


Model Capacity Dimensions Weight Loading
LLKVP10 10lb – 4.5kg 320w x 480d x 370h 27kg 0.25hp
LLKVP15 15lb – 6.38kg 320w x 450d x 450h 30kg 0.33hp

Potato Peelers Complete Instructions     Potato Peelers Parts Diagram     Potato Peeler Specs



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