Planetary Mixers

The LLK Planetary Mixers provide premium design and performance at top value prices. These floor standing machines are extremely versatile and are widely used in schools, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals.

All machines are supplied with 3 attachments: wire whisk, dough hook, and flat beater. This allows the machines to be used for mixing a wide variety of products including cream, mayonnaise, creamed potatoes, and even small quantities of dough.

Model Capacity Dimensions Weight Loading
LLKPM10 10 Litres 485w x 410d x 635h 75kg 0.5kW – Designated 13 Amp plug required
LLKPM20 20 Litres 500w x 600d x 780h 107kg 1.1kW – Designated 13 Amp plug required
LLKPM30 30 Litres 550w x 600d x 1115h 204kg 1.1kW – Designated 13 Amp plug required
LLKPM40Digital Controls 40 Litres 586w x 777d x 1202h 124kg 1.4kW – 230V – 50/60Hz – Single phase

LLKPM10 Instructions   Planetary Mixer Specs

LLKPM20 Instructions   LLKPM20 Parts Diagram

LLKPM30 Instructions

Planetary Mixer Specs


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