Black Iron Pizza Pans

Many of our ovens vary in size to suit those who are looking to cook their pizzas in pans. Our wide range of pizza pans suit varying consumer needs and we stock all of the most popular sizes here in the UK.

We have a selection of both thin crust and thick crust pizza pans.

Thin crust pans are made without the rolled edge so that rolled dough can be places over the pan and then cut off by using a rolling pin. Whilst the deep pans are generally used when dough is to be proofed within the pizza pan, giving a lighter but thicker crust

Black Iron Pizza Pans

Black iron is the term given to products made from mild steel, not to it’s colour. They are more robust than aluminium especially when baking at very high temperatures. These pans should be seasoned before use. We have these available in thin or thick crust.


Model Diameter Depth Base
AETCBIP9 9″ 3/4″ Thin Crust
AETCBIP10 10″ 3/4″ Thin Crust
AETCBIP12 12″ 3/4″ Thin Crust
AETCBIP16 16″ 3/4″ Thin Crust
AETCBIP16 16″ 3/4″ Thin Crust


Model Diameter Depth Base
AEDDBI9 9″ 1″ Deep Pan
AEDDBI10 10″ 1″ Deep Pan
AEDDBI912 12″ 1″ Deep Pan
AETCBIP16 16″ 1″ Deep Pan


Model Diameter Depth Base
AEDDBI.5BIP9 9″ 1.5″ Deep Pan
AEDDBI.5BIP10 10″ 1.5″ Deep Pan
AAEDDBI.5BIP12 12″ 1.5″ Deep Pan
AEDDBI.5BIP16 16″ 1.5″ Deep Pan

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