LLK Economy Dough Mixer

LLK’s economy dough mixers are ideal for any establishment where some muscle powered mixing is required. There are four sizes available: 20L, 33L, 40L and the monstrous 50L.

The Italian built mixers are designed to produce all types of dough, primarily soft dough such as bread and pizza. The machines are finished with scratch-proof white paint, and all parts that come into contact with food (basin, spiral and kneader rod) are made of stainless steel. For safety reasons there is a plastic bowl guard with a cut-out microswitch.

The gentle action of the spiral works the dough to mix it properly without raising the temperature.


Model Dimensions Dough Capacity Weight Loading
LLKEM20 620 H x 390 W x 700 D 16kg /20 litres 58kg 0.75Kw – 13 Amp
LLKEM30 710 H x 430 W x 780 D 25kg/33 litres 88kg 1.1Kw- 13 Amp
LLKEM40 710 H x 480 W x 800 D 38kg/ 40 litres 101kg 1.5Kw- 13 Amp
LLKEM50 710 H x 530 W x 850 D 42kg/50 litres 106kg 1.5Kw- 13 Amp

To download specifications for our Economy Dough Mixer click here: Economy Dough Mixer


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