LLK Twin Speed Dough Mixer

LLK’s twin speed dough mixers have been produced in Italy for over 50 years. Using powerful motors and ever changing technologies, these full stainless steel body mixers are built to be robust and reliable.

These heavy duty machines offer reliability for any busy outlet. Supplied on castors for maximum mobility and with twin speeds, this mixer is perfect for outlets producing several types of dough, where varying speeds is essential to the mixing process.

Equipped with safety features such as an emergency stop button, a powerful motor and a mechanical transmission system specifically designed to mix the dough at the perfect speed, this machine offers variety, consistency and quality.

Model Dimensions Dough Capacity Weight Loading
LLKMC20 790 H x 440 W x 750 D 20kg /31 litres 100kg 1.3Kw – 3 phase
LLKMC30 790 H x 480 W x 810 D 30kg/40 litres 115kg 1.3Kw- 3 phase
LLKMC40 1000 H x 490 W x 900 D 40kg/ 48 litres 140 kg 2.2Kw- 3 phase
LLKMC50 1000 H x 540 W x 920 D 50kg/63 litres 150kg 2.2Kw- 3 phase


To download the specifications for our Twin Speed Mixer click here: Twin Speed Dough Mixer

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