Cubo Dough Divider

The Fruilco divider is ideal for an efficient and high output catering environment. The table top dough divider takes up little space but saves 100’s of hours in labour.

The machine works independently without any need for intervention or accessory adjustment. The machine can be completely disassembled by hand without the need for any tools, perfect for a full and thorough clean.

All Fruilco products are manufactured in Italy to extremely high standards and in line with all health and safety guidelines.

Established in 1984, Fruilco are a leading manufacturer of pizza production equipment and juicing machines, based in Italy. This admired brand is known all over the world for its efficiency, quality and innovation and we are very enthusiastic about working with them and distributing their pizza equipment products here in the UK.

Model Dimensions Portion Weight Hourly Production Tank Capacity Weight Loading
LLKDDCUBO 480Wx 750D x 780H 20-250g 150-500kg/hr 42L 85kg 0.92Kw-13Amp

To download the specifications for our Cubo click here: Friulco Dough Divider


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