Franco Andiamo

Say ‘Ciao!’ to Franco, the Italian mobile pizza oven available with either wood-fired or living-flame gas supply.

Today’s market sees the street food trend at an all-time high, with garden centres and public houses alike maximising their turnover using neglected or disused spaces to offer their customers a quirky and fun alfresco dining experience. It’s fair to say that instant food pop-ups are all the rage these days!

The Franco mobile pizza unit offers a completely unique experience for your customers. Aside from the oven’s traditional façade, the unit itself is nothing less than strikingly noticeable! It’s a three wheeler that produces the most beautiful pizzas; what’s not to love?

Lovingly developed over 10 years, our range of wood-fired and living flame ovens feature the latest technology and innovation, inspired by traditional techniques. Our innovative manufacturers possess extensive knowledge and experience and are experts in their field.

Available as traditional wood fired or fitted with a gas burner, Franco’s oven, the Andiamo, is perfect for the mobile unit and has been purpose built for use in the Piaggio Ape. It is lightweight and compact, with the capability of producing up to 6 pizzas at a time. The oven’s unique design and outstanding insulation allows it to heat up in just 20 minutes, meaning no staff starting early to fire up the oven! Pizzas will cook in approximately 2 minutes, depending how thick the bases are and how many toppings are on there!

The Franco Andiamo is supplied as a complete concept which includes the vehicle, oven, pack-away prep table, chimney, and a portable hand-wash basin.

The vehicle is supplied as standard in a white finish but there is a range of colours available upon request. The vehicle is a Piaggio Ape 50 which has a 50cc engine. Larger sized vehicles from the Piaggio range are available upon request, please contact us for more information.

Please note: the vehicle is not suitable for driving on public highways but can be driven on private property. The user will require a trailer or similar vehicle moving facility if they wish to transport the Franco Andiamo to different sites.

Model Oven Dimensions Cooking Area Height BTU/hr during cooking Pizza Capacity
1040(w) x 1160(d) 820(w) x 940(d) 680mm 61,418 6 x 12″ Pizzas
Wood Fired
1040(w) x 1160(d) 820(w) x 940(d) 680mm N/A 4 x 12″ Pizzas

Vehicle Dimensions
Length = 2500mm
Width = 1260mm
Height = 1590mm
Wheelbase = 1590mm
Trailer Length = 1260mm
Trailer Width = 1200mm

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