Fimar Stick Blender

Fimar Stick Blenders are manufactured in Italy and are very versatile machines.

They can be used to mix soups, curries, purées, mayonnaise, batters, sauces, tomato purée, pesto etc. There are 2 models available: LLKMX25 and LLKMX42S. The LLKMX25 is supplied with a 270mm shaft and has a 250W motor, the LLKMX42S is more powerful with a 400W motor and has a 400mm shaft.


Model Dimensions Weight Production Rate Total Loading Max Immersion Level
LLKMX25 135w x 100d x 600h 3kg 15,000rpm 250W – 13 Amp plug 150mm
LLKMX42/S 155w x 120d x 790h 6kg 15,000rpm 400W – 13 Amp plug 290mm

Fimar Stick Blender Complete Instructions     LLKMX25 Parts Diagram     LLKMX42S Parts Diagram      Fimar Stick Blender Specs

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