Dough Rounder

The Cuppone dough rounder has been introduced to the range as an integral part of any demanding pizza operation.

With the ability to produce a perfectly rounded portion of dough every second, this machine takes away hard work and gives you back precious time.

The user can produce rounded portions of dough from 20g to 300g with the smaller model and up to 1300g with the larger model. Simply switching cones determines the size of the rounded ball produced.

Model Dimensions Capacity Net Weight Loading Power
LLKAR20/300 320wx 510d x 830h 28 balls per minute 50kg 13Amp 0.50kw
LLKAR20/1300 440 w x 700d x 950h 50 balls per minute 116kg 116kg 0.75kw

To download the specification fro the Cuppone Rounder click here: Cuppone Dough Rounder

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