Cuppone Donatello Oven

The Donatello Cuppone oven is the new mid-range oven from Cuppone and is an economical alternative to our Michelangelo for restaurants or busy takeaways.

These ovens have a highly energy efficient digital control panel which allows controllability of the top and the bottom deck heating elements and also has an acoustic cooking timer. Other features include a glass door and internal lights which allow you to check the progress of your pizzas, and a stone cooking base which guarantees authentic Italian pizza cooking. They will cook pizzas in around 3-5 minutes, depending on the thickness of the pizza and whether you are cooking directly on the stone or in pans.

The Donatello has a revolutionary heat regeneration system that is positioned at the front of the oven inside the door area it immediately re-circulates the heat back into the oven when the door is opened. The doors are fitted with a heat seal between the door and the cooking chamber to retain the heat when the doors are closed.

These ovens are incredibly easy to clean: simply turn up the heat for around half an hour at the end of service, then turn the oven off and when you come in the morning simply sweep the residue up.

These ovens can be supplied with a stand and a fully operational extraction hood which should be vented out of the building.

Pizza Ovens are used to cook so many different dishes these days and are often used to reheat or finish off pre-prepared dishes in busy periods. They are also perfect for cooking baked potatoes, chicken wings, pasta, and a wide variety of other dishes.

If you are running a busy restaurant or takeaway and want a good reliable oven but theatre is not essential for you, then this is the oven you need to buy.

Hand built in Italy to order. Please allow 3-4 working weeks for delivery. 

Model Dimensions Oven Dimensions Pizza Capacity Net Weight Loading
Single Deck
LLKDN4351 1155w x 1000d x 437h 720w x 720d x 150h 4 x 300mm (12”) in pans 106kg 5.8kW Single or 3 phase
LLKDN6351 1155w x 1360d x 437h 720w x 1080d x 150h 6 x 300mm (12”) in pans 133kg 8.4kW Single or 3 phase
LLKDN6351L 1515w x 1000d x 437h 1080w x 720d x 150h 6 x 300mm (12”) in pans 145kg 8.6kW Single or 3 phase
LLKDN9351 1515w x 1360d x 437h 1080w x 1080d x 150h 9 x 300mm (12”) in pans 171kg 12.6kW Single or 3 phase
Twin Deck
LLKDN4352 1155w x 1000d x 784h 720w x 720d x 150h 8 x 300mm (12”) in pans 171kg 11.6kW Single or 3 phase
LLKDN6352 1155w x 1360d x 784h 720w x 1080d x 150h 12 x 300mm (12”) in pans 231kg 16.8kW Single or 3 phase
LLKDN6352L 1515w x 1000d x 784h 1080w x 720d x 150h 12 x 300mm (12”) in pans 247kg 17.2kW Single or 3 phase
LLKDN9352 1515w x 1360d x 784h 1080w x 1080d x 150h 18 x 300mm (12”) in pans 301kg 25.2kW Single or 3 phase

Stands (Delivery will apply if stand is shipped separate to the oven)

Model Dimensions Net Weight
Single Deck
SDN4351 1155w x 745d x 1100h 43kg
SDN6351 1155w x 1105d x 1100h 57kg
SDN6351L 1515w x 745d x 1100h 50kg
SDN9351 1515w x 1105d x 1100h 67kg
Twin Deck
SDN4352 1155w x 745d x 900h 39kg
SDN6352 1155w x 1105d x 900h 53kg
SDN6352L 1515w x 745d x 900h 46kg
SDN9352 1515w x 1105d x 900h 63kg

Hoods (Delivery charge will apply if hood is shipped separate to the oven) 

Model Dimensions Loading Gross Weight
HDN435 1165w x 760d x 500h 0.13kW 63kg
HDN635 1165w x 1120d x 500h 0.13kW 70kg
HDN635L 1525w x 760d x 500h 0.13kW 73kg
HDN935 1525w x 1120d x 500h 0.13kW 83kg

1 review for Cuppone Donatello Oven

  1. Keshio Phillips

    We find the new commercial oven provided by LLK really easy to use and good for our needs. All of our staff like the oven and feel it’s a fantastic product, not only for cooking pizza, but things like toast too! We’d recommend not only the oven to other people in our industry, but LLK too, they were professional, efficient and great to deal with throughout the process.
    Tyler – Chef at Mountain Range Restaurants

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