Cuppone Paolo Oven

The Cuppone Paolo oven is a bestselling oven that has been re-launched into the UK market due to increasing demand.

It is a highly reliable oven, people who purchased this oven have been using them for over 25 years!

Named after one of the 3 Cuppone brothers, these electric ovens have manual controls and are available in either single or twin deck. Customers love the simplicity of the Paolo oven which has the ability to increase or decrease the power to the elements during quiet or busy period, thus making it a great energy saving oven! It features individual U-shaped elements to ensure perfect and even cooking throughout the deck.

Like all Cuppone ovens, it has a cordierite stone base to give pizzas the authentic Italian stone-baked taste and texture. The interior of the oven is entirely stainless steel (except the brick, of course), it also has internal lights and full length viewing windows in the doors to allow the user to check cooking progress without opening the door and losing heat.

The Paolo is ideal for gastro-pubs, busy takeaways and small restaurants, plus it is perfect for chains as it is extremely reliable and robust. It can be placed either in the kitchen or front of house and has the optional extra of an extraction hood which has a powerful motor which can be ducted into existing extraction or vented directly out of the building.

Along with every Cuppone oven – it’s not just a pizza oven! The Paolo oven can be used to prove breads as well as cook or finish off other dishes as required. Spare parts are stocked in the UK and we have a network of specialist engineers across the country should any problems arise.

Two years parts and one year labour warranty. Can be stacked up to three high. Hood must be vented out of the building.

Model Dimensions Oven Dimensions Pizza Capacity Gross Weight Loading
Single Deck
LLKPAOLO4 1020w x 920d x 406h 720w x 720d x 145h 4 x 300mm (12”) in pans or on the base 106kg 5.3kW Single or 3 phase
Twin Deck
LLKPAOLO4+4 1020w x 920d x 732h 720w x 720d x 145h 8 x 300mm (12”) in pans or on the base 171kg 10.6kW Single or 3 phase

Stands (Delivery will apply if stand is shipped separate to the oven)

Model Dimensions Net Weight
Single Deck
SPAOLO4 1020w x 860d x 1100h 48kg
Twin Deck
SPAOLO4+4 1020w x 860d x 900h 46kg

Hoods (Delivery charge will apply if hood is shipped separate to the oven) 

Model Dimensions Loading Net Weight
HPAOLO4 1120w x 1164d x 362h 0.13kW – 13Amp plug 56kg
HDN635 1120w x 1164d x 362h 0.13kW – 13Amp Plug 56kg



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