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The new Michelangelo’s stunningly stylish appearance matches the amazing performance of the oven itself, making it the perfect model for front of house. These electric ovens are built for high output and will deliver outstanding results for long hours. They are highly energy efficient and are designed and built to last.

This oven replaces the Max oven and features a digital control panel with up to 100 programmes, cleaning mode, and end of cooking buzzer. The digital temperature control system has the ability to individually control the top and bottom element of each deck with 0% to 100% power. This allows you to achieve maximum efficiency during cooking.

The economy function, which is used during periods of work break, automatically brings the values of temperature and power of elements in a standby position that allows you to conserve power, but if necessary, to resume quickly the ideal temperature for each workload.

The oven door has a full length, double glazed, panoramic window and internal lights so you can see the progress of your pizzas whilst cooking. The doors are fitted with a heavy duty compression spring system and seal to optimise heat retention. It has a revolutionary heat regeneration system so when the oven door is opened it immediately circulates the heat back inside to minimise heat-loss.

The cooking chamber is manufactured entirely from stainless steel to ensure a totally hygienic finish and no chance of rust. Like all Cuppone ovens, the Michelangelo has a cordierite stone cooking base to retain heat and ensure a perfect, authentic, Italian stone-baked flavour.

The advanced technology in the extraction hood offers increased suction which automatically removes excess humidity cooking fumes and grease to ensure a crisper bake.

Cuppone ovens are incredibly versatile and can be used to cook so many different dishes including: pasta, jacket potatoes, fish, meat, vegetables, and much more. They are often used to reheat or finish off dishes that have been prepared in advance.

Choose the Michelangelo if you need a high output, highly energy efficient oven that looks stylish for front of house positioning.

Hand built in Italy to order. Please allow 3-4 working weeks for delivery. 


Model Dimensions Oven Dimensions Pizza Capacity Gross Weight Loading
Single Deck
LLKML4351 1190w x 1100d x 440h 720w x 720d x 150h 4 x 300mm (12”) in pans 140kg 5.3kW Single or 3 phase
LLKML6351 1190w x 1460d x 440h 720w x 1080d x 150h 6 x 300mm (12”) in pans 179kg 7.8kW Single or 3 phase
LLKML6351L 1550w x 1100d x 440h 1080w x 720d x 150h 6 x 300mm (12”) in pans 183kg 7.9kW Single or 3 phase
LLKML9351 1550w x 1460d x 440h 1080w x 1080d x 150h 9 x 300mm (12”) in pans 233kg 11.7kW Single or 3 phase
Twin Deck
LLKML4352 1190w x 1100d x 780h 720w x 720d x 150h 8 x 300mm (12”) in pans 245kg 10.6kW Single or 3 phase
LLKML6352 1190w x 1460d x 780h 720w x 1080d x 150h 12 x 300mm (12”) in pans 310kg 15.6kW Single or 3 phase
LLKML6352L 1550w x 1100d x 780h 1080w x 720d x 150h 12 x 300mm (12”) in pans 316kg 15.8kW Single or 3 phase
LLKML9352 1550w x 1460d x 780h 1080w x 1080d x 150h 18 x 300mm (12”) in pans 405kg 23.4kW Single or 3 phase

Stands (Delivery charge will apply if ordered separate to the oven)

Model Dimensions Gross Weight
Single Deck
SML4351 1190w x 760d x 1100h 42kg
SML6351 1190w x 1120d x 1100h 57kg
SML6351L 1550w x 760d x 1100h 50kg
SML9351 1550w x 1120d x 1100h 68kg
Twin Deck
SML4352 1190w x 760d x 900h 42kg
SML6352 1190w x 1120d x 900h 57kg
SML6352L 1550w x 760d x 900h 50kg
SML9352 1550w x 1120d x 900h 68kg

Hoods (Delivery charge will apply if ordered separate to the oven)

Model Dimensions Loading Gross Weight
HML435 1188w x 1200d x 410h 0.13kW 78kg
HML635 1188w x 1200d x 410h 0.13kW 78kg
HML635L 1546w x 1200d x 410h 0.13kW 96kg
HML935 1546w x 1200d x 410h 0.13kW 96kg

Michelangelo Parts Diagram     Michelangelo Oven Specs


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  1. Reviews

    Chris, Owner of The Tickled Trout
    “We chose this oven because a connected restaurant to us has a Cuppone oven that they’ve had for years. We needed something slightly smaller to fit in our kitchen and this one was perfect and easy to use.

    We like the fact that we can have the stone hotter or cooler than the oven air as we have one oven for general pizza, tomato breads, garlic breads and dough balls and the second oven slightly cooler for the calzone pizzas. If it is too hot they will caramelise before the filling gets hot, so that is important so the stone is hotter than the air temp.

    We also prove all our breads and dough in the ovens, even when they have been turned off. Overnight the oven retains heat and it is at least 90° in the mornings which helps when proving. We have lately even used the ovens to warm up desserts, its takes no time obviously!

    The Michelangelo is a really smart piece of kit especially with the extraction and hood that is illuminated. We have the oven on display through a smart glass window to the bar so that customers can see us cooking the pizzas”.

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