Cuppone Silea Dough Mixers

The first step to creating the perfect pizza is to ensure that you have perfectly mixed dough. Cuppone’s Silea range of mixers has been specifically designed for this purpose.

The Cuppone Dough Mixers have been on the UK market for many years now and are ideal machines for pizzerias, restaurants and bakeries.

Their robust all stainless steel production offers total reliability for any busy outlet. They are supplied on castors for maximum mobility and are supplied with a fixed head and bowl, stainless steel bowl guard, heavy duty motor and microswitch cut-out. The spiral system mixes dough in just 20 minutes, allowing time for more dough production. These machines come complete with all of the safety features required by international standards.

The LLKMA20 will create 80 x 12” pizza bases per mix, based on 240g dough ball.

The LLKMA30 will create 120 x 12” pizza bases per mix, based on 240g dough ball.

Why a Cuppone Dough Mixer?

• It has a powerful motor; 1.8Hp or 2.8Hp respective

• It perfectly oxygenates the dough without overheating it

• Your dough will come out at the optimum temperature of 22 – 24°C


See the Cuppone Dough Mixer in action:

Model W        D        H Capacity Net Weight Loading Motor Max Mixing Capacity
LLKMA20 380    700     810 20kg   25 litres  22 Quart 72kg 13 Amp 1.9hp 6.6L Water + 13.4kg Flour
LLKMA30 480    840     810 30kg   38 litres 34 Quart 96kg 13 Amp 2.8hp 10L Water + 20kg Flour

Both models are available in single or three phase

Dough Mixers Parts Diagram     Dough Mixers Specs     Dough Mixer CAD Drawing


2 reviews for Cuppone Silea Dough Mixers

  1. Reviews

    Vincenzo Rinaldi, Maintainence Manager – Carluccios

    “We have over 80 Cuppone dough mixers in our restaurants across the UK and they are great. The best feature of this machine by far is its simplicity of use. With only one switch, all of our chefs can easily operate this high capacity machine. We achieve very good results every time with this mixer and would recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality dough mixer”.

  2. Reviews

    Antonello, Antonello’s Restaurant, Leyland

    “I’ve had this mixer for years and it has never let me down. It is reliable and does the job. Simple as that.”

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