Arris Electric Vapour Grills

Arris Electric Vapour Grills are more than just grills; they are a whole, patented grilling system. They are easy to use and can grill all types of food including meat, fish, vegetables and cheese. Arris Vapour Grills let you grill in an extremely natural and healthy way. This brings out the full flavour and taste of food and promotes the dispersal of fats. The result is dishes that are lighter on the stomach and completely genuine.

How does it work?

Water contained in a tray under the grill generates steam that keeps your food softer and juicer, and because any fat dripping from the food falls into the water, Arris Vapour Grills produce far less smoke than conventional grills. The Electric Vapour Grills can reach temperatures of up to 360°C. Food never comes into direct contact with the heating elements. Instead, food is supported on special stainless steel profiles that protect the elements and guarantee maximum hygiene and food quality. High grilling temperatures combined with steam from the tray under the grill produces soft, succulent food with superb sensory properties. Arris Electric Vapour Grills are also easy to maintain and clean, thanks to clever ideas like a grill top that lifts up for ease of access.

Vapour Grills are supplied on a stand.


Model Dimensions Weight Loading
LLKARC407E 420w x 700d x 440h 50kg 5.2kW
LLKARC807E 800w x 700d x 440h 83kg 10.4kW

Arris Electric Vapour Grill Specs


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