The Andiamo oven is LLK’s latest offering of affordable, professional wood fired and gas oven. With its superior design and lightweight build, our fabulous Andiamo oven is perfect for mobile vehicles and restaurants alike.

Lovingly developed over 10 years, our range of wood-fired and living flame ovens feature the latest technology and innovation, inspired by traditional techniques. Our innovative manufacturers possess extensive knowledge and experience and are experts in their field.

The unique Andiamo oven has a superior design that allows it to have all the capabilities of the common refractory clay oven, whilst still retaining a traditional Italian appearance. The Andiamo takes up less space at only 1000mm in depth, yet has the same productivity compared to an oven of the same size in refractory clay.

The Andiamo is a great option for restaurants that do not have the budget for a refractory clay oven but still require an authentic look. As well as being a more economical solution for the restauranteur, the Andiamo oven has been specifically manufactured to be lightweight, making it the perfect oven for a mobile unit.

To make this oven a cut about the rest, its outstanding insulation allows it to heat up in just 20 minutes, meaning no early starts to fire up the oven!

There’s nothing more authentically Italian than a wood fired pizza. The Andiamo wood fired option offers this authenticity with a modern twist! Using all the latest materials for their heat retaining qualities, yet still offering a traditional cooking experience, the wood fired Andiamo is the perfect choice for your pizza establishment or mobile unit.

The Andiamo gas option is supplied with our forced draft gas burner, which has the lowest gas consumption in the world and throws a highly energy efficient flame of up to 1500mm, providing perfect heat distribution throughout the deck. Our patented burner creates a radiant coloured flame simply by using a mixture of gas and air to create the authentic look of a wood fired oven. Taking up less space than wood in the oven, the gas burner option offers increased production of up to two extra pizzas at a time. An additional benefit of using a gas burner is the fact that it doesn’t produce soot, eradicating the cost of smoke suppressants which commonly come with the wood fired option. No insects can be found lurking in the gas burner, which can sometimes be found in the logs.

The innovative Andiamo can fit through a 700mm door opening, eradicating any access issues. The Andiamos’ stone base is “cotto refrattario” allowing it to withstand long periods of time at high temperatures.

The Andiamo is available in a variety of finishes, including mosaic. Speak to the team today to discuss your personal preferences.

Model Oven Dimensions Cooking Area Height BTU/hr during cooking Pizza Capacity
1040(w) x 1160(d) 820(w) x 940(d) 680mm 27,297 4 x 12″ Pizzas
Wood Fired
1040(w) x 1160(d) 820(w) x 940(d) 680mm N/A 6 x 12″ Pizzas
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