Pizza Challenge Round 3!

We’re more than half way through our Pizza Challenge, with our third round kicking off last Friday. We had the lovely guys from Archers, a special head-to-head between Oldham Council and Oldham College, a full lively bunch from IM & T and to end our day, our individual challenger Craig Murray.

First team in to tackle the dough were a team of five from Archers, who decided on a Pepperoni pizza. Following a very positive and motivating start, the team started to feel stuffed. The clock had whittled down to 14:16 remaining, when Archers decided to box up the last outstanding pieces and take it back to the office.

Next in we had our first head-to-head! Old‘ham and pineapple’ College and Oldham Council on the ultimate showdown, with a half veg, half margherita and a full vegetable, respectively. After 20 minutes both teams were doing amazingly and had eaten half of their 50×50 each! Then the fatigue started setting in for the Council side, and the College side scoffed on ahead. Make way for the new leaders of the Pizza Challenge, Oldham College!

They polished off their pizza with 18 minutes and 27 seconds left on the clock. The carbed-up Council team reluctantly threw in the towel 6 minutes later after watching their competitors leave.

IM&T were our following contenders, with a ½ pepperoni and ½ vegetable pizza. They weren’t disheartened when hearing Oldham College had just beat the record, they became even more motivated to win and all began spurring each other on. Just when we thought Oldham College had been our record breakers of the day, along comes IM&T devouring their pizza with a very impressive 20 minutes and 23 seconds remaining!

Lastly, we had our only individual challenger of the day, with a 28inch meat feast, Craig Murray. Could Craig be our first winner of this challenge and handle the dough? The enormity of the task set out in front of him hit after a quarter had been eaten, and with 12 minutes and 34 seconds to go Craig admitted defeat.

Our final day of Pizza Challenges comes on Wednesday the 28th February, with the builders from E&B Roofing and a team from Archers both returning to tackle individual 28inch pizzas, and it’s time for your very own LLK members to join in too with a team 50×50 challenge!