Pizza Challenge Round 2!

Last Friday marked the second round of our Pizza Challenges for our local charity, Dr Kershaw’s with teams from Seftons, The Oldham Chronicle and Wrigley Claydon putting their eating pants on to make some dough!

The first set of challengers were an enthusiastic bunch from local accountancy firm, Seftons, who took on a ½ pepperoni and ½ margherita feast. The team started well, with some members even opting to bring their own sauces to take on the challenge! After a positive start, the task of eating the pizza within the allotted 1-hour timeframe, proved too much for stuffed Seftons who opted to run the clock down.

The second set of contenders were our friends, from the newly re-published, Oldham Chronicle! With only 4 team members showing up on the day, the team members from our local paper, were facing a tough challenge. Unfortunately, Team Oldham Chronicle decided to admit defeat with only twenty minutes left and took the remainder of the pizza back to the office.

Last but not yeast, we had the final set of challengers which are from Oldham’s oldest law firm, Wrigley Claydon, who opted for ½ vegetable and ½ meat feast. The team started off very well, but after 40 minutes the toughness of the dough set in and jaws became tired! The pizza cutter came out and team captain, Sobi cut pieces of pizza into bitesize bites to help his team mates but it was not enough, and the Wrigley Claydon team ran out of time.

This week we have 4 teams taking on the challenge and one individual taking on our 28” challenge. Will anyone beat Team Dr Kershaw’s/EB Roofing who are the top of our Wall of Fame with an impressive 12 minutes to spare? Only time will tell!