Its National Butchers Week, a time to give recognition to the top-quality skill and service provided by your high street butcher! Although LLK specialise in pizza equipment, make no mi-steak- we offer butchers a range of high quality, professional looking equipment so they have the tools they need to present their produce at its full potential. Our range includes three different slicers- first, the Electric Slicers, which are crafted by the catering equipment experts at FAC in Italy and come with a fantastic 2 years parts and 1-year labour warranty. Another slicer in our catalogue is the state of the art Volano Hand Operated Flywheel Slicer which is as robust as it is stylish – not to mention its available in 184 different colours! Our final slicer is the Gravity Feed Slicer which provides high precision slicing with minimum waste. We also offer Bandsaws, which have an aluminium anodised body to create a stylish finish. Finally, our Torrey Heavy Duty Mincers are an ideal addition to any busy butcher operation as they are easily maintained and are highly powerful.

We are committed to ensuring that or customer aftercare ‘makes the cut’ and that our customers, such as butchers, are supported to succeed long after they have purchased their Slicer, Bandsaw or Mincer. That’s why our engineers are on hand to service and repair equipment either onsite or in our workshop so it can be maintained to stand the test of time alongside their business. In the unexpected event that their Electric or Gravity Feed Slicer undergoes an issue, we understand it is vital that there is as little downtime as possible to avoid patrons being disappointed. LLK therefore will send a loan slicer to the establishment while their equipment is being repaired free of charge* so that they can continue to supply with public with a selection of top-notch meat.

So, whether you’re a regular or if it’s been a while, why not ‘meat’ up with your local butcher this week and treat yourself to some high-quality cuts for excellent value and support a local business!

To learn more about our fantastic range of equipment ideal for butchers, head to the Food Preparation section of our website https://linda-lewis.co.uk/product-category/food-preparation/ or speak to a member of our knowledgeable Sales Team on 0161 633 5797!

You can also read all about our fantastic, unique and free slicer loan service* here https://linda-lewis.co.uk/information/loan-service/ .

*Carriage charges may apply