Make your Food the Main Event!

The sun is FINALLY shining and just in time for outdoor event season to get well and truly underway! Whether it’s food, drink, music or family oriented, there’s an event to be attended almost every weekend of the summer. Revellers from far and wide flock to the festivities, open to the discovery of new sounds, experiences and new tastes al fresco style in the summer sun.

This is an unmissable opportunity for chefs to take their deliciously unique dishes out on the road and make impressive profits. Introducing new areas and people to your food is also a fantastic way to grow your business’ exposure- your ‘wow’ed customers will spread the word of your incredible eats to their friends and family, launching your business towards nationwide popularity!

But, of course, any venture with such tremendous gains comes with its obstacles- not every operation owns portable equipment that can be carried to and from different event spaces. If your equipment is portable, taking vital items to events, such as your oven or your preparation kit, means putting business at your home site on pause until your return. Also, if you’re just putting on a one-off pop-up operation, or trialling the concept out, it wouldn’t be financially sensible to splash out on a full set of shiny new gear.

Thankfully, there is a cost effective, simple solution to these challenges- hiring catering equipment for just as long as you need it! Here at LLK, we have a Hire Department where you can rent a selection of items from our range of catering equipment, from our living flame and electric pizza ovens to our preparation equipment, on a short-term basis. Our Andiamo living flame pizza oven is particularly popular with pop up pizzerias as its authentic Italian aesthetic makes this oven an eye-catching showpiece which is sure to pull in the crowds. This stunning oven, however, does not compromise on power- it is equally impressive on the inside and can satisfy hundreds of hungry attendees with delicious stone baked pizzas.

So, if you’re interested in getting a ‘pizza’ the incredible profits and exposure to be had from attending events as a food vendor, have a chat with Kyle in our Hire Department by emailing or calling 0161 633 5797 and we’ll work out the best hiring solution for you!

To learn more about the Andiamo oven pictured, read a full product description here or email with your query.

Watch this short Youtube video featuring our Andiamo oven all fired up for al fresco pizza dining!