LLK Vs Food!

Our chosen charity, Dr Kershaw’s have set us a challenge and we need our lovely customers, friends and families help!
As part of the Dr Kershaw’s 28-day challenge, LLK is launching our own version of the popular TV show, Man VS Food, with challenges for individuals and groups to get involved in! So whether you fancy taking on the challenge as a lone wolf or you want to try and complete it as part of a team, we have a challenge for you!

The 28” (Solo Challenge)

This challenge has been designed for solo challengers only.

We invite you to take on a HUGE 28” pizza loaded with cheesy goodness and loaded with toppings of your choice and eat it all in just 45 minutes! Do you think you can do it?

The 28” challenge costs just £5.00 to take part with all proceeds going to the Dr Kershaw’s Hospice.

The 50 x 50 Challenge (Team challenge)

This challenge has been specifically designed for teams of 6-8 people.

Our chef will be creating a MASSIVE 50×50” pizza, with a range of toppings for challengers to demolish. Eat all the pizza and its toppings in 1 hour and earn yourself a place on our Wall Of Fame!

Each team member is required to pay £5.50 each with all proceeds going to the Dr Kershaw’s hospice.

Our pizza challenges will be happening EVERY Friday in February, to sign your team up email kitchens@linda-lewis.co.uk today!