LLK releases new Mixer Range!

Oldham based catering equipment supplier Linda Lewis Kitchens (LLK) has added a new range of mixers to its expanding portfolio to meet consumer demand. After seeing an increase in interest for more cost-effective models and twin-speed mixers, LLK has taken measures to introduce new equipment to their catalogue, which has three mixers currently.

The first range of mixers that LLK introduced to the UK market was the Cuppone Silea range of mixers. The Silea mixer is a robust stainless-steel mixer supplied with a fixed head and bowl, stainless steel bowl guard, heavy duty motor and microswitch cut-out. The spiral system mixes the dough in just 20 minutes, allowing time for more dough production.

The second range of mixers that the pizza equipment professionals are introducing is their range of planetary mixers. These floor standing machines are very versatile and widely used in schools, hotels, restaurants and hospitals.

All machines come supplied with three attachments: wire whisk, dough hook, and flat beater. These machines can also come with a mincer attachment hub, on request. This attachment allows the machines to mix a wide variety of products including cream, mayonnaise, creamed potatoes, and even small quantities of dough. LLK also has an alternate economy planetary mixer which does not feature the mincer attachment hub.

“In the past 6 months we have seen more demand for mixers with twin speeds, this is largely due to establishments producing various types of dough. As a result, we worked closely with our manufacturer to create a mixer which is reliable yet cost effective for our customers”, comments Director, Linda Lewis.

The first to be added to the range is the Economy Dough Mixer, made exclusively for LLK, is ideal for smaller establishments that are on a budget. This model is available in four sizes, 20L, 33L, 40L and a massive 50L model.

The Italian built mixers have been designed to produce soft dough for bread and pizzas. The machines which have a scratch-proof white paint finish and any parts that encounter food have a stainless-steel frame.

LLK has also launched a heavy-duty twin-speed mixer to the range to ensure they meet the requirement for higher scale operations. These full stainless-steel body mixers have been manufactured in Italy for over 50 years and have been built to the highest of specifications, using powerful motors and ever-changing technologies. Supplied on castors for maximum mobility and with twin-speeds, this mixer is perfect for outlets producing several types of dough, where varying speeds is essential to the mixing process.

“LLK’s goal is to become the one-stop shop for all things pizza related, we constantly monitor the market to ensure that we are offering customers what they need, and we believe our new range of mixers will meet demand”, comments Linda Lewis.

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