LLK Pizza Challenge- Final Round!

For this week’s Pizza Challenge we had two individuals and a team from EB Roofing. EB Roofing braved the snow in an effort to take back their place, at the top of the leader board, and with it being the final week, we put in a team from LLK, to see if the pizza professionals could complete the challenge.

After last week’s victories, EB Roofing was determined to come back and not only reclaim their title, but they wanted to become the only winners of the individual challenge too.
They brought a team of 7, for the 50×50 challenge, who was feeling optimistic after their previous win. The team had a ‘grate’ start but after half the allotted time had passed, jaws were aching, stomachs were feeling stuffed and the dough was becoming too much to handle. They quickly couldn’t stomach the rest of the challenge and gave up with 13 minutes remaining.

Competing at the same time, we had Ryan Coffey and Matt Bowden, from EB Roofing, for the Individual’s 28-inch challenge. These were two big eaters from the first team challenge from week 1, who wanted an opportunity for the only win. Off to a won-dough-ful start, the guys had eaten more than half of the meat feast spread within an impressive 20 minutes. But they quickly realised the pizza work they had to complete, and both waited for the clock to time out.

Then the time had come for LLK to put their slices where their mouths were! We had two teams which were given half an hour each to complete their section. With a variety of toppings and dipping sauces, the first part of the team sat down to face their half. Leaving 1 minute and 53 seconds on the clock, team 1 finished their section! Team 2 started with a time of 31 minutes and 53 seconds. They devoured slice after slice and then with one last mouthful, they finished the challenge with 3 minutes and 43 seconds left!

IM&T’s impressive time just couldn’t be topped!

Thank you to everyone that took part in this challenge for an amazing cause, and everyone that donated too! Also a massive congratulations to all our winners from Oldham College, IM&T and the Team from Dr. Kershaws/EB Roofing. We are thrilled to announce that we have currently raised £736.00 in total!