LLK on tour at the World Pizza Championships!

In April 2019, LLK went on tour to the annual World Pizza Championships in Parma, Italy, represented by our fabulous onsite Development Chef, Fabio! Our world-renowned pizza oven and equipment manufacturers, Cuppone, were proud to be one of the main sponsors of this event.

The three-day long World Pizza Championships, or the ‘Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza’ in Italiano, is the Olympics for pizzaiolos worldwide! Every year since 1991, it has attracted independent pizzerias from all over the globe and, this year, 770 of the worlds most skilled and innovative pizza chefs from 42 different nations battled it out to assert their status as champions in the pizza biz.

The Championships has a wide array of categories for contestants to compete in, from ‘Individual Free Style’ (where competitors flip and toss dough pizza bases with jaw-dropping finesse) to ‘Gluten Free Pizza’ (where chefs attempt to mimic the texture and taste of classic pizza using tricky gluten-free ingredients).

As one of the main sponsors of the event, Cuppone provided their top-quality Giotto and Michelangelo Electric Pizza Ovens for the competitors to showcase their skills within one of the most popular categories, the ‘Classic Pizza’ (or ‘Pizza Classica’). In this category, pizzaiolos from different countries use their own dough to try and produce the most perfect classic pizza they possibly can. It was a close call but, in the end, Riccardo La Rosa and his burrata, datterino cherry tomato and mortar pesto topped pizza ranked first in the ‘Classic Pizza’ category! This highly talented pizzaiolo also won the Parmigiano Reggiano award and the Triathlon award.

The Cuppone Michelangelo and the Giotto were the perfect pizza ovens for this tough category as their high controllability enabled the competitors to produce a result that reflected their true pizza making potential and their heavy-duty performance meant they were able to produce 100s of potentially prize-winning pizzas in a day!

Attending pizza and catering industry events such as the World Pizza Championships are an excellent opportunity for LLK to uncover new and emerging food trends, update our foodservice industry knowledge and rejuvenate our status as the pizza professionals! Fabio noticed the rise of the pizza in the pan, or pizza in teglia, and the current emphasis on chefs using fresh, local ingredients that are specific to their home country.

Pizza-obsessed Fabio was in his in his element over the three days of the competition- he said that “the World Pizza Championships is a fantastic event because it brings together pizza chefs and chefs from all around the world to evolve the world of pizza and the art of pizza making itself. It is more than a competition; I see this event as a way that chefs can improve themselves through others.”

Watch this space – perhaps next year Fabio will be the one crowned Pizza Champ!

If you would like to learn more about the gold-standard Giotto and the Michelangelo, click this link to head to our website https://linda-lewis.co.uk/product-category/cuppone_ovens/ or call 0161 633 5797!