LLK Launches Pizza Masterclasses!

Pizza Equipment Specialists, Linda Lewis Kitchens are delighted to announce the launch of the brand’s Pizza Masterclasses in 2018, led by LLK’s Development Chef, Fabio Aurelio, which officially start in the New Year. Fabio, who joined the pizza professionals in September, will be fronting the masterclasses being hosted at Linda Lewis Kitchens’ headquarters in Oldham.

Specifically designed by Fabio to give people of all abilities the opportunity to learn how to make the perfect pizza, the masterclasses cover all areas, from creating the perfect dough, to cooking pizzas to perfection in the right oven for the customer’s operation. Classes can be tailor made to suit the customer’s specification.

The one-day course is specifically aimed at beginners who are looking to learn the basics of pizza dough making, get an introduction to the art of hand-stretching bases vs opening them quickly and easily using the Cuppone pizza press, and finally how to cook pizzas to perfection every time in a range of ovens at the LLK demo facility.

The Linda Lewis Kitchens two-day pizza masterclass has been specially designed for pizza professionals who wish to get a more in-depth knowledge of the world of pizza. Whilst at the demonstration facility, attendees will learn what ingredients are best for their operation, explore different styles of dough, the ‘science behind the dough’ and how to prepare it, and finally how to cook & operate any pizza oven for maximum efficiency.If day courses aren’t required, shorter, more specific classes are available to cover topics from basic dough making, to advanced dough theory.

LLK is delighted to be adding menu & dough consultancy to their growing list of services. The new bespoke service will be tailored to suit the customer’s needs, and end users can learn either at the brand’s fully-functioning development kitchen or utilise Fabio’s expertise in their very own facility, whichever suits them best!

“I am very much looking forward to sharing my knowledge with others. I am very passionate about helping businesses be individual, memorable and most importantly successful” says Aurelio.

“We are delighted to add Fabio’s training to our offering at LLK to further support our customers. Fabio’s knowledge has so far proved invaluable to our visitors, since his appointment in September 2017. We are looking forward to kick-starting a new year with new offerings to expand our business model and further contribute to maintaining our high standards of customer service.” commented Linda, Managing Director.



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