LLK is granted DEFRA approval!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been granted DEFRA approval for our range of wood-fired ovens, The Da Vinci and The Giovanni.

DEFRA exempt ovens are cleared to burn specified fuels in smoke control areas, fuels that are usually disallowed as part of the Clean Air Act 1993. The clean air act prohibits emissions of smoke within smoke control areas, unless using an exempted appliance or an authorised fuel and prohibits emissions of dark smoke from any chimney, or from industrial or trade premises, subject to certain exemptions. Our Da Vinci and Giovanni ovens have been through a long process to determine how environmentally friendly they are and they have passed with flying colours. 

For those who aren’t aware having DEFRA approval is something that you should always look for when you invest in a wood-burning oven for your establishment. Without this type of approval, you can incur penalties and fines of £1000. Here at LLK we take care to ensure that all our products are lawful and safe and we continuously test our products to ensure that they are low in emissions ensuring that our customers are in safe hands when they purchase our equipment. 

For more information on The Da Vinci and The Giovanni click here or contact a member of our sales team on 0161 633 5797 today!