Layton’s Work Experience Adventure At LLK!

This week, LLK are excited to have a student to do work experience with them! LLK have brought in myself, Layton Melia,  to show me what it’s like to experience being in work here at LLK.

The adventures I got up to, while I was here at LKK, were how to hand- make pizza with Fabio, the world’s best chef, in my opinion, not only because his accent is cool, but also his pizzas are delicious.

Also, I learned how to do photography with all the different settings and modes. I also learned how to do different atmospheres to go with photo to make it look special and unique and also our social media, to connect trending topics to LLK, for example this week included National Sushi Day!

I also learned what to do with a customer if he or she asks for an oven to see whether we have it in stock or if it’s not ready yet.

I then learned about case studies and to write about different restaurants who have had a good experience with LLK equipment. But not only that! I also experienced sales and orders, and adding the price numbers and different types of ovens in sales using complicated Software (Pretty Amazing).

Jenna Lewis, our Commercial Director, said “It has been such a pleasure for all of us here at Team LLK to have Layton with us this week. He has proved his proficiency in technology and graphic design with his impressive posters, infographics and email banners on Canva (, no doubt a foreshadowing of a successful career in video game design. He demonstrated his skills are not limited to the computer when he got stuck into handmaking pizza and produced an outstanding finished product, which Team LLK were very grateful to have for lunch! We are excited to see what Layton goes on to achieve from here and will look out for his name on the video game covers!”