Loan Service

Have you heard about our wonderful loan service?

In the event that your LLK slicer, dough mixer, planetary mixer or former roller has an issue, (inside or even outside of the warranty period) we will send you a free loan machine.

You can simply use the packaging that we send the loan machine in, to send your faulty machine back to us!

Our expert Food Machinery Engineer (with over 40 years experience may we add!) will assess your machine and carry out any repairs.

If your product is inside the warranty period:
All the work carried out will be free (providing the issues are either an electrical or mechanical failure). Carriage will also be free

If your product is outside of the warranty period:
We can still fix your product and we will still loan you one! We will provide you a quotation for the repair and carriage.

If you need to discuss this in more detail, please give our team a call on 0161 633 5797.