First Round of Pizza Challenges!

On 1st February we were given £28 by our local charity, Dr Kershaw’s Hospice along with a challenge: to grow it as much as possible in just 28 days!

Inspired by the programme ‘Man Vs Food’, and as proud pizza-experts, we decided to launch our very own mammoth pizza challenges and invited our friends, family as well as local businesses along to take part, with all funds going to the Hospice.

The first challenge we created was a group challenge: a huge 50 x 50” square pizza loaded with a choice of toppings to be eaten by groups of 6-8 in one hour. The second challenge was a solo challenge, this time a 28” square pizza, loaded with a choice of toppings to be eaten within a 45-minute time-frame.

After an appearance on our local radio station, 96.2 Revolution, from our Marketing Executive, Grace we were inundated with applications from local people and businesses to take part in the challenges, which are taking place every Friday throughout February.

First to tackle the challenge was a team from Dr Kershaw’s and EB Roofing, who joined forces to take on the group challenge. Opting for a variety of toppings, the team demolished the first quarter of their massive pizza in just 5 minutes! They had the full 50” polished off with an impressive 12 minutes 40 seconds to spare, making them the first team to be featured on our Wall of Fame.

The second contender was our very own engineer, Tony Godding, who after watching the impressive feat of the Dr Kershaw’s Team was inspired to take on the 28” individual pizza, topped with pepperoni. After a strong start, 30 minutes later Tony grudgingly accepted defeat and threw in the towel.

The final contender in the first round of pizza challenges was James Holland from Chadderton, who chose to tackle a 28” margherita pizza. Full of confidence, James started out well, but with less than a quarter of the pizza left, James was dough-verloaded and had to give up with 13 minutes left on the clock.

The challenges continue this Friday with teams from local businesses Sefton & Co Accountants & Wrigley Claydon Solicitors taking on the team challenge, plus a combined team from Revolution Radio and Oldham Chronicle, all hoping to conquer the pizzas and get their names on our Wall of Fame!