Environmentally conscious catering

Climate change has reached a critical point; carbon dioxide levels in the air are at the highest they’ve been in 650,000 years, 18 of the 19 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001 and, in 2012, the Arctic summer sea ice shrank to the lowest extent on record. It is vital that businesses as well as individuals do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint so we can hand a healthier earth down to future generations.

Fortunately, making your commercial kitchen greener by improving its energy efficiency makes perfect business sense- lowering your catering equipment’s energy wastage will save your operation money as well as provide a much needed helping hand in the fight against climate change!

LLK are strong advocators for sustainable commercial catering. We are the UK’s sole importer of Cuppone, the world-renowned pizza equipment manufacturers; Cuppone’s expert manufacturers use the latest technology and innovation to create high-performance machines that use only as much energy as is necessary. LLK’s offering of Cuppone’s range of energy efficient pizza equipment and years of experience in the catering equipment industry enables us to help our customers create the most eco-efficient operation possible, thereby protecting the environment alongside their profits.

Our range of high-quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable ovens features the Cuppone Giotto electric pizza oven. The Giotto is revolutionary in that it is the world’s first electric oven to have a rotating deck. You would be forgiven for thinking that, due to this oven’s high performance, it couldn’t possibly also be eco-efficient. However, the Giotto features a heat regeneration system which means that when the oven door is opened, the heat is circulated back inside, minimising heat-loss and saving valuable energy.

Another of our energy efficient ovens is the Cuppone Michelangelo electric pizza oven. This oven’s stunningly stylish aesthetic means catering operations often place it centre stage in front of house. However, there’s more to this oven than just looks- it is also highly energy efficient. It is designed and built with a digital control panel so that it can be programmed to come on at certain times- this prevents the oven being on and burning precious energy when it is not ‘on the job’!
Next, we have the eco-friendly Cuppone Tiepolo electric pizza oven. The Tiepolo sits perfectly between the entry-level and mid-range ovens available within the Cuppone range and is highly popular with takeaways and gastro-pubs. This intelligent oven features energy saving ‘0’, ‘Min’ and ‘Max’ settings which allow its user to set the oven according to how busy your operation is. When you are experiencing a quiet period, set the Tiepolo to ‘Min’ and the Tiepolo will use the lowest amount of power to maintain the desired temperature. When business picks back up, turn the element power up to ‘Max’ so you can keep up with your hungry customers!

Also, did you know that our amazing range of living flame ovens by LLK, such as the Giovanni and the Verrocchio, can be fitted with special ‘forced draft burners’ which reduce energy consumption? This means your operation can have all the impressive drama of a living flame oven without any excessive energy waste!

Making informed choices, such as selecting one of LLK’s sustainable products for your catering operation, will serve to reduce your carbon footprint as well as unnecessary expenses. When you run a greener catering operation, you not only benefit yourself but also the wonderful world we live in. Call our team of pizza and catering equipment professionals to discuss how we can help you to run the most energy efficient business you can on 0161 633 5797. To learn more about the environmentally friendly and sustainable ovens discussed in this blog, head to the product page section of our website- https://linda-lewis.co.uk/products/