Don’t forget about LLK’s Loan Service and Warranty Packages!

Here at LLK, our continued investment in our customers’ success is what sets us apart from the rest. We strive to assist our customers’ advancement by offering supportive services long after the equipment purchase has taken place.

One example of this is our loan service. In the rare event that your LLK equipment, such as your Electric Slicer, Planetary Mixer or Pizza Former Roller, experiences an electrical or mechanical failure inside the warranty period, a loan replacement machine will be delivered to you within just two working days at no cost to your operation! The packaging in which the loan machine is delivered can be used to send the malfunctioning equipment to us to be repaired. Our skilled Food Machinery Engineer, John, has over 40 years’ experience and is more than capable of diagnosing and rectifying any issue you are experiencing with your catering equipment. If your LLK product has an electrical or mechanical failure outside of the warranty period, we can still loan you a replacement free of charge. We are also more than happy to repair your equipment, however we will need to provide you with a quote for the repair and carriage costs incurred.

Our warranty packages come in three tiers, Bronze, Silver and Gold: The Bronze Package is warranty only, the Silver Package includes an additional half-day on-site staff training and the Gold Package includes one full day of on-site training. We can help you to select the tier which is best suited to your operation’s budget and requirements. Each package includes a fantastic extended warranty of 2 years parts and 1 year labour.

LLK’s loan service and warranty packages are in place to instil confidence in our customers that, in the unexpected event that your equipment malfunctions, your catering operation can continue running to its full potential with as little disruption possible. These are just a few of the ways we here at LLK go further to ensure our customers succeed. To learn more about the ways in which LLK can support your establishment, speak to a member of our friendly and helpful team at 0161 633 5797!