Demonstration Kitchen – Booking Form

Visitor details: If you are filling the form out on behalf of your customer, please provide your customer’s details, this is for visitor health and safety reasons.

Please notify us within 24 hours if you wish to cancel your booking, please bear in mind that we may have freshly made dough especially for your demo & other customers waiting for an available time slot.

Which items are you interested in using at the demo? Please tick, so we know what to switch on!

Cuppone TizianoCuppone Tiziano SlimlineCuppone PaoloCuppone DonatelloCuppone MichelangeloCuppone CaravaggioCuppone GiottoCuppone Heated Dough PressCuppone CuboCuppone Dough MixerAndiamoDa VinciVerrocchioGiovanniFruilco Former RollerFruico Dough DividerFruilco Dough Divider & RounderPasta Chef

We run these demos for free on the proviso that you agree to give us your honest feedback afterwards. This is very important to us so please, if we email you requesting your feedback, get back to us. Even if it’s just you telling us “it’s not the right equipment for us”, please let us know.

Please sign below to confirm that you will be attending on the date stated and that you agree to our request above. Thanks in advance!