Cuppone Pizza Ovens

Once you have your perfectly pressed pizza bases, you just need to add your toppings and then cook your pizza in a Cuppone pizza oven. Here at Linda Lewis Kitchens, we are in the most fortunate position to be representing Cuppone in the UK and distributing the Cuppone pizza equipment throughout the UK.

The ever expanding Cuppone pizza oven range is stunningly stylish, unlike many pizza ovens on the market today. They are ideal for front of house positions for diners to see and enjoy. They do not need to be hidden behind the scenes.

Cuppone pizza equipment

Made in Italy, each and every Cuppone pizza oven that we stock has a stone base in order to guarantee authentic pizza making. The vast Cuppone pizza oven range has something to suit every establishment!

Cuppone pioneered the Giotto Pizza Oven: the first ever electric pizza oven with a revolving base. Superbly elegant and extremely practical and functional, the Giotto is everything you would expect from a Cuppone pizza oven and so much more.

The Cuppone Tintoretto pizza oven is used by the fabulous Jamie Oliver in his Italian restaurant and fits a whopping 600×400 baking tray. Stackable up to three high this Cuppone pizza oven is perfect for pizza by the slice.

For kitchens that are low on space but need a high oven output, the Cuppone Evolution pizza oven is perfect. This Cuppone pizza oven is striking and is ideal for high end restaurants and pizzerias.

New for 2014, the Cuppone Michelangelo pizza oven has all the bells and whistles and features a 7 day programming feature. It’s perfect for those who want a Cuppone pizza oven that will feature in a front of house position.

Using the most up to date technology, the Donatello and Donatello + Cuppone pizza ovens are also new for 2014. Featuring a unique heat regeneration system, these Cuppone pizza ovens are an exciting new edition to the Cuppone pizza oven range for 2014.

The Cuppone Tiziano Pizza oven is extremely popular in takeaways, restaurants and gastro pubs. This fantastic Cuppone pizza oven has a full length viewing window and each deck can be controlled independently.

Another new to 2014 Cuppone pizza oven is the wonderful Tiepolo. Available only online, this new Cuppone pizza oven allows precise control of the elements from 0% – 100%.

Finally, Cuppone offer a wonderful gas pizza oven in their range. Featuring in the DeVere Hotel Group kitchens, this Cuppone pizza oven has unique base bricks with heat distribution channels.

Cuppone oven

If you’d like to discuss which Cuppone pizza oven is suitable to you, then please give our experts a call on 0161 633 5797. We love talking all things pizza and all things Cuppone!